PhD Members Programs

University of Texas at Austin

Steve Hicks School of Social Work

Graduates are prepared to provide intellectual leadership as community based researchers, scholars, educators, and leaders. Over 265 graduates since 1973 work in top U.S. universities and other distinguished places of leadership as researchers and scholars known for their expertise in improving social justice, resolving critical social problems, and enhancing the well-being of people across diverse socioeconomic groups. This program requires a minimum of 47 hours of post-graduate study and is designed to closely follow GADE Quality Guidelines. The program focuses on the development of research competencies related to both social work practice and policy, and prepares students to generate and disseminate knowledge that will guide social work practice. Students are provided with substantial opportunities for enmeshment in research and publication through personal one-on-one mentorship from faculty, research practicums, involvement in our eight institutes, and completion of dissertation research. Students are also prepared to disseminate knowledge through teaching as they complete teaching assistantships, course work in pedagogy, and personal classroom teaching experiences. Students develop a specialized area of knowledge so they can contribute to meaningful scholarship in an area of social work practice and assume positions as new contributors and stewards of knowledge for the social work profession.

University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Austin
  • Austin, Texas
  • Public
  • PhD in Social Work
  • In-Person Program Only
  • Full-time Enrollment Only
  • 6-8 Students
  • Yes
  • Yes, with a cut-off score
  • Yes, MSW or other master's degree required
  • No, but preferred
  • No

Substantive Research Areas of Faculty

  • Addiction/Substance Use
  • Adolescent and Youth Development
  • Aging/Gerontology
  • Child Welfare
  • Children & Families
  • Disability
  • Health
  • Housing/Homelessness
  • Immigrants, Refugees & Displaced Persons
  • Mental Health
  • Military/Veterans' Issues
  • Poverty/Disadvantaged Populations
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Religion/Spirituality
  • School Social Work
  • Social/Economic Justice

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