About GADE - Group for Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work

Advisory Board

The Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work (GADE) Advisory Board consists of leaders in doctoral education in social work, including former doctoral program directors, scholars active in promoting social work doctoral education, leaders in national social work associations, and others passionate about doctoral education in social work.

The purpose of the Board is to gain insight and ideas on pressing issues in doctoral education from thought leaders in the field and to get feedback and direction on organizational initiatives and activities. The Board has no administrative or programmatic authority and is advisory only.


Dr. Jeane Anastas, New York University (ending 2023)
Dr. Halaevalu Fonongava'inga Ofahengaue Vakalahi, Council on Social Work Education (ending 2026)
Dr. Tawanda L. Hubbard, Rutgers University (ending 2025)
Dr. Waldo E. Johnson, The University of Chicago (ending 2025)
Dr. Yolanda Padilla, University of Texas at Austin (ending 2023)
Dr. David Patterson, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (ending 2025)
Dr. Charmaine C. Williams, University of Toronto (ending 2025)
Dr. James Herbert Williams, Arizona State University (ending 2023)