About GADE - Group for Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work

Board of Directors Committees

Board of Directors Committees include the Awards, Conference Program, Constitution & Bylaws, Finance, and Marketing/Website Committees. Each committee is chaired by a member of the Board and includes additional volunteer members.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations, reviewing each nomination, and selecting and awarding the winning nomination for each of the five awards given by GADE each year.

Chair: Dr. Anne Williford (Colorado State University)
Dr. Sondra Fogel (University of South Florida) 
Dr. Poco Kernsmith (Wayne State) 
Dr. Stephen Tripodi (Florida State University)
Dr. Shonda Lawrence (Clark Atlanta University) 
Dr. Viola Vaughan-Eden (Northfolk State University)
Dr. Laura E Escobar-Ratliff (University of Kentucky)
Dr. Chi-Fang Wu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Dr. Michael Hurlburt (University of Southern California)


Conference Program Committee

The Conference Program Committee works with the Board to plan and execute the annual conference. A major role of the Committee is to work with the host university to plan and provide facilities, a conference program, and to promote the conference among the GADE membership. In cooperation with the host university, the Committee also facilitates sponsorships, registration, and in consultation with the Board, financial oversight for the annual GADE Conference.

Co-Chair: Dr. Chi Fang Wu (University of Illinois)
Co-Chair: Dr. Christina Gringeri (University of Utah) 
Dr. Sharon Lyter (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)
Dr. Bethany R Lee (University of Maryland) 
Dr. Jerome Schiele (Morgan State University) 
Dr. Annette Semanchin Jones (SUNY-Buffalo) 
Dr. Allison Zippay (Rutgers University) 
Dr. Susan Robbins (University of Houston) 
Dr. Mimi Chapman (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Dr. Soleman Abu-Bader (Howard University) 
Dr. Jennifer Greenfield (Denver University)
Dr. Louanne Bakk (SUNY-Buffalo) 
Dr. Keith A. Anderson (Univ. of Texas-Arlington)
Dr. Jacqueline Dyer (Simmons University) 
Dr. Joy Patton (Our Lady of the Lake University) 
Dr. Michael LaSala (Rutgers) 
Dr. Julia R. Henly (University of Chicago)


Constitution & Bylaws Committee

The Constitution & Bylaws Committee is charged with ensuring that the GADE Constitution is in alignment with the operations of the Board. The Constitution is considered a “living document” that is subject to amendment. The Committee also serves as a resource for the Board regarding issues of adherence and compliance with the Constitution & Bylaws.

Chair: Dr. Lin Fang (University of Toronto)


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works with the Board to help ensure the financial health of the organization by adopting and implementing strong fiscal policies.

Chair: Dr. Michael Hurlburt (University of Southern California)
Dr. Chi-Fang Wu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Dr. Gretchen Ely (University of Tennessee) 
Dr. Tonya Hansel (Tulane University) 
Dr. Femida Handy (University of Pennsylvania)
Dr. Julia R. Henly (University of Chicago)
Dr. Lin Fang (University of Toronto) 


Marketing/Website Committee

The Marketing/Website Committee is charged with the monitoring, securing, maintaining, and continual improvement of the GADE website. The committee has the responsibility as well, under the supervision of the Board, for the marketing of GADE and its associated activities through the website and other media. The Committee may serve as a resource to the Board for matters related to information regarding communication technology and social media.

Chair: Dr. Michael LaSala (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)
Dr. Jerome Schiele (Morgan State University) 
Dr. Anne Williford (Colorado State University)
Dr. Denise Burnette (Virginia Commonwealth University) 
Dr. G. Lawrence Farmer (Fordham University)
Dr. Debora Rice (Walden University)