About GADE - Group for Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work


GADE Membership

All institutions with established social work/social welfare doctoral programs located in an accredited university or college that offers a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) or Social Welfare that has been fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) in the United States, Canadian Association of Social Work Educators (CASWE) in Canada, or a comparable national professional accrediting body in other countries, shall be eligible for full membership. Established programs are those in departments, schools, or colleges of social work/social welfare located at universities or colleges accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting body. Accredited colleges or universities that are developing a social work/social welfare doctoral program are eligible for affiliate membership status.

Each member institution will designate a representative/delegate, usually a director or chair of the institution’s doctoral program, who votes on behalf of the member institution and who will be the conduit of communication between GADE and the member institution.


Types of Membership

Full Membership: Institutions with doctoral programs in social work/social welfare that meet eligibility qualifications and that are currently in the payment of their dues are full members. Each full member institution will have one vote.

Affiliate Membership: Universities or colleges developing doctoral programs in social work/social welfare that meet membership qualifications and which are current in dues may become an affiliate, non-voting, members of GADE.


Benefits of Membership

  • Access to GADE resources
  • Attendance of the program director at the GADE Annual Conference
  • Eligibility for faculty and students to apply and receive GADE Awards
  • Enrollment and participation in the GADE Members Listserv


Apply for Membership

To join GADE, please complete the Membership Application. A member of the Board will be in contact with you after the Board has reviewed.