PhD Members Programs

University of Iowa

School of Social Work

Our doctoral program is a small but selective program. It is a four year program but also offers a de-accelerated five-year option. Upon admission, students work with their advisors to develop an individualized plan of study. Students major in social work but will select another discipline (i.e., sociology, public health, education, or psychology) as their concentrations, with the purpose to expose students to different fields and to broaden their knowledge base. Students typically take their comprehensive exam in the summer of the second year and defense in the following Fall. After then they will start the dissertation process.  Given the small size of the program, our students have great opportunities to work closely with our faculty members in classroom settings (through teaching practicum and TAship) and on collaborative projects (through research practicum, and RAship). Most co-author at least one paper with our faculty before graduating from the program The small size of the program also allows our faculty member to know individual students as a person and to provide various support needed. In recent years, our graduate students were able to secure tenure-track positions in top-ranked schools of social work such as Columbia, Boston College, and Tulane.

University of Iowa
University of Iowa
  • Iowa City, Iowa
  • Public
  • PhD in Social Work
  • In-Person Program Only
  • Full or Part-time Enrollment
  • 1-2 Students
  • Yes
  • Yes, with a cut-off score
  • No, but MSW or other master's degree preferred
  • No, but preferred
  • Yes

Substantive Research Areas of Faculty

  • Aging/Gerontology
  • Child Welfare
  • Children & Families
  • Community Practice/Macro Practice
  • Family Violence
  • Health
  • Immigrants, Refugees & Displaced Persons
  • International Social Work & Global Development
  • Organizations, Management & Administration
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Rural Social Work
  • Social/Economic Justice
  • Social Welfare Policy


Dr. Miriam Landsman [email protected]